Welcome to PFN® Communications Inc.

PFN Communications, Inc., a New Jersey based company, provides state-of-the-art, eMarketing and enhanced fax services.

Our company is considered the email delivery and premier fax service to the healthcare industry with a complete customer service group for support.

The impact created through email messages and/or faxed verses direct mail and journal advertising has proven to be significantly higher. Our delivery platform guarantees the fastest possible distribution and lowers the cost of message delivery.

PFN can integrate email messages and broadcast fax with an essential range of customized communications services. These programs are used to promote products to the healthcare universe, to gather marketing research information, to offer medical information and product samples, and also used as an invitational medium for CME programs.

With PFN Communications' tools you can reach thousands of healthcare professionals, nation-wide within hours. You can collect and store data easily and economically and we will help you choose a healthcare universe with email addresses, fax numbers or mailing addresses for all your selected audiences.

When you need to reach a target market of healthcare professionals, we're here to help you and you can do it easily, economically and effectively.

PFN tools will:

Provide Opt-Out Capabilities and Sustain Opt-Out Files at No Cost to you

Enhanced Email and Fax Message Quality

Heighten Message Readability

Provide Complete A/B Split Testing Capabilities

Increase Impact and Decrease Cost

Simplify Email and Fax Distribution while Meeting TCPA and CAN-SPAM Requirements

Add to Your Professional Image

We're here to help you. We welcome your requests for information on any of the following services.

Email Marketing Services

Broadcast Fax

Healthcare Email, Fax and Mailing Lists


Interactive Voice Response

Data Management

Mail Fulfillment Services


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